The Stride Forward outreach program was developed by Mountain West Ballet to share some of its most popular productions with students who would not otherwise get to experience a ballet performance. We try to relate everyday activities like going to the movies to going to the theater and how music and emotion can be easily expressed in dance. If you are interested in being part of the outreach program, please contact us by email with your name, school name, email address, and a contact phone number. To sent an email to Outreach Program Director, click on the link Sent Outreach Director an Email.




To: Mountain West Ballet

I would like to thank you for giving our school the opportunity to attend the ballet, "Twelve Dancing Princesses". We had grades 1th - 6th attend. Our students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids talked about the costumes and the fun music all the way home. It was impressive that the ballet intrigued so much interest with all that attended. The faculty talked about how it was a great experience for a lot of these children that do not have the opportunity to visit a beautiful theater or ballet.


Some classes read the story to their students and them came back to compare and contrast the ballet. They really paid attention to the pantomiming of the dancers. Because they knew the story, they were able to follow along with then dance. I heard one child telling another, "This is the part where the prince pretends to drink the potion." Another little boy told his teacher about the prince talking branches off the trees to show the king. I think they will remember this story for a long time.

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Approximately 2000 students from around the Salt Lake Valley visited the two special Outreach Performances on December 13th and 16th. The students learn about the history of ballet and the Nutcracker ballet, ballet costumes, and ballet movemets. On December 13th, Kier Defstar, the artist who painted the Land of Sweet backdrop, was a special guest; he explained about how he pained the back drop.

Photos of December 13th out reach program:

2010-12-13_2895 2010-12-13_3405


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